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Our pressure sensitive fabrics work as a press switch. Our fabrics are made of three layers, two conductive ones and a non-conductive one in between. When pressed the two side layers touch, thus allowing current flow. The two conductive ones have two protruding wires each one on each side of the fabric.


To use the fabric as a switch you need to connect one wire on one side of the fabric with one wire on the other side of the fabric, like in the picture.

We suggest to connect the wires as in the picture, so the value of resistivity is more constant and independent from the area of the switch that is pressed.

To connect the fabric you will need two miniature insulated crocodile clips (our product #PW002) or, if you need to connect it permanently you will need:

- two uninsulated boothlace ferrules (our product #PW003)
- two pieces of fine insulated electrical wire
- wire stripper
- pliers.

Proceed as follows:
Place the fabric on a table and decide which wires on each side you want to connect. You might also connect all the 4 wires, but remember that wires protruding from the same side are connected together.
Insert the two fine wires in one uninsulated boothlace ferrule as shown in the picture.


Strip a short piece of wire (6 mm) with your wire stripper. Insert its end in the ferrule.


Then press it hard with your pliers


and you will obtain a good connection.


Repeat the same steps with one of the two groups of wires on the other side of the fabric.


Now you can cut the extra wires protruding from the ferrules:


and the other two remaining not used wires from both sides of the fabric to avoid unwanted contacts:


It is also recommended to sew the two wires to the parts of the fabric that are not sensitive as shown in the following picture. This will avoid the small wires to break due to excess of traction and rotation.


In order to obtain this:





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