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This tutorial will introduce you to our Basic textile push button kit.

All our kits are made with the concept 'just add a needle', so the first thing to do is finding a sewing needle.

This kit includes:

1. Textile push button
2. Battery holder
3. Battery
4. LED
5. Conductive sewing thread

As a first step place the LED and the battery holder on the fabric push button as shown in the following picture:

Pay attention that longer LED leg MUST stay close to the side of the battery holder and battery holder MUST be positioned with this orientation or the circuit will not work. 

Remove the battery holder from the fabric and gently push both LED legs inside the fabric, so that they can be seen on the other side.

Using tweezers (but it works also with your fingers and the tip of your pencil) bend the terminals of the LED as in the picture, showing the reverse of the fabric. Be extremely careful because terminals are delicate and might break.

Terminals must be bent so that they do not touch the upper contact line and the top of the sensitive area, both marked with black curves in the following picture.

Thread the needle with conductive thread and start sewing the top conductive line (marked in black in the previous picture). You must connect this line to the right terminal of the LED (seen from the back). If not clear take a look at the schematic picture further ahead.
At both ends of the circuit conductive yarn must firmly be tied to the metal wires.  While sewing pay attention not to create short circuits with conductive filaments. Even few conductive filaments in the wrong place can compromise the functioning.
Go around the LED terminal with conductive thread and at the end tight a few good knots, so electrical conductivity is garanteed.

Turn the sensor, place the battery holder as indicated. Pay attention to the orientation of the battery holder or the circuit will NOT work.

Bend the right terminal of the LEd (seen from the top side) so that it is right underneath the left terminal of the battery. Sew them together.

Connect the right terminal of the battery as shown

You need to sew until you reach the lower connection line on the sensor, paying attention to avoid contact with the sensitive rectangular area of the sensor.

This is the electronic circuit we want to make, seen from the back.

When finished cut the yarn.

 Insert the battery with positive side on top and..press to turn the LED on!





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