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This tutorial will show you how to make shaped analog sensors using our Shaped Analog Sensor Kit.

This kit contains:

- two 20 x 20 cm (7.8"x7.8") conductive fabric pieces
- one 20 x 20 cm (7.8"x7.8") Velostat piece
- conductive thread

You'll need:

- sewing needle
- non conductive thread
- a small piece of cardboard

Start by cutting the shape you want to make on a piace of cardboard. The shape must be smaller then 20 x 20 cm (7.8"x7.8").


Place the cardbord over the fabric and mark the same shape.

Cut it out.

Repeat the same operation with the other piece of fabric.

Then put them metal to metal and pin them together. Cut them so that they are exactly the same shape.

Repeat the same with Velostat, leaving 2 mm (0.08") all around the shape.

 It's now time to make the connections.  By sewing connect the metal thread of the fabric to the the conductive thread. 

And when you have finished bring the remaining portion of the conductive thread on the cotton side of the fabric.

Repeat the same with the other piece of fabric. Then make a sandwich with fabric on the sides and Velostat in between, as shown in the picture. Cotton must stay on the outside.

 Pin the layers all together, so they are firm.

Cut the excess of Velostat, leaving 1 mm (0.04") all around. It is very important that the two metal sides of the fabric don't touch, or the sensor will not work.

 Start sewing along the shape with NON conductive thread. You can also use a sewing machine.

 This is a finished sensor. Use the portions of conductive thread for connections.

If you have an overlock machine you can use it to obtain better edges.

These sensors work as pressure sensors, but also as bend sensors.

They can be connected to an Arduino using this tutorial



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