Ruha - designed and realized by Giulia Tomasello - Ruha is a project that aims to help people stimulating deep diaphragmatic breathing. The system uses a textile strain sensor developed by Plug and Wear to monitor the correct inhaling movement of the lower abdomen.
The sensor is attached to the inner part of the corset and connected to a microcontroller able to detect variations of the sensor output. The corset responds to a correct movement by inflating and deforming its outer layer so that the user is conscious of his correct breathing.


Designed and realized by Studio Tricot, Firenze - Italy - wRRap is winner of 1° PRIZE GOLD AWARD at the "Genesis Building Rolls Royce Competition" - Genesis Building, Hong Kong.

“The Rolls Royce is not an inanimate object but has a heart that beats.“

Plug and Wear, technology partner of the wRRap project, produced the metal tape with embedded EL wire used to wrap the car. More then 200 meters of metal tape were used, with a total lenght of more then 1000 meters of embedded EL wire. Tapes are connected to a computer that allows special light effects.

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