ACDET's AbSim is the first abdominal medical simulator that helps doctors' and nurses' schools in training how to perform the right movements for a correct abdomen palpation. Bladders can be inflated to simulate real swollen organs, and muscles can be contracted to simulate patient automatic reflex to pain. The results can be monitored on a screen and evaluated by the trainer. One Plug and Wear matrix pressure sensor garantees that correct movements and pressure levels are measured with extreme precision.


Target of this project is the development of an interactive technical aid for children and adults affected by Cerebral Palsy, that often adopt incorrect postures, thus worsening their physical problems.
Textile soft pressure sensors placed in the backrest and the armrest fabric covers of the wheel-chair allow a continuous monitoring operation to be performed. The monitoring system will trigger an alarm that uses vibration, light or sound emitting interfaces, if the person takes on an incorrect posture of his back and arms.

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