WHO estimates a rapid growth of the number of elderly people living alone in their homes. The target of the Fa.Pre (FAll PREvention) project is the development of a domestic infrastructure, based on IoT technologies, to prevent and monitor domestic falls. A network of sensors is able to detect the position, fall, posture and balance of individuals. The system does not require any active action to trigger the alarm.
Smart carpets placed on the floor allow a precise monitoring of the position of the person in the room. Plug and Wear, subcontractor of the Fa.Pre. project, supplied the sensitive carpets used in the project. The matrix sensors have an active area of 100 cm x 200 cm (39 x 78) with 512 sensitive pixels.


The aim of the Factothums project, developed by The Insitute for Microelectronics and Microsystems, is to create a safer factory environment. Humans interact with robots working side by side, the robots carrying the heavy loads under the direction of the workers. A jacket that incorporates accelerometers, able to transmit the position of the worker to the control system, allows co-presence humans-robots in shared spaces, without limitations of speed for robots.
Plug and Wear, subcontractor of the Factoithums project, developed the system that interconnects the 5 accelerometer boards to the data acquisition board on the jacket.

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