The Seat Pressure Map System is an advanced system to measure pressure maps on a seat like a chair or a car seat. Our Pressure Map System uses textile matricial sensors. Textile sensors very easily adapt to each shape of seat and backrest, and do not make wrinkles that might affect the reading.

This unit comprises:
- two 16x16 pressure sensors, size 32 cm x 32 cm (12.6"x12.6")
- one control box
- one control software compatible with Windows™ platform
Both sensors have been studied to be easily placed and kept in position by elastic bands.

Our software performs all basic functions as well as some very advanced ones, such as:

- Center of Pressure, including tracking of the COP
- Region of Interest
- Pressure versus Time
- Histogram

Sampling rate of acquisition 2Hz (500ms)

Our Seat Pressure System is the ideal tool for measuring pressure maps between the human body and a sitting element.

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