used as a safety device in medical robotic application

Developed by The Biorobotic Lab of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, this project aims to drive wireless capsule endoscopes inside the gastrointestinal tract by means of a magnet field. The master magnet mounted on the robotic arm can be very dangerous in case of unwanted contact with the patient body.
A textile matrix sensor developed by Plug and Wear is able to detect excessive pressure on the patient abdomen in order to guarantee the necessary safety standards.


Interactive RObotic social MEdiators as Companions

IROMEC is a social robot that helps children with learning disabilities in socializing and interacting with people. Developed by a Consortium of nine European partners, eirther private companies or Research Institutes, the IROMEC project was co-funded by the European Commission under th 6th Framework Program. IROMEC can move in autonomy, is able to detect obstacles, and can be used as a playmate in different play scenarios. The robot has been designed to resemble a small animal; external modules with specific functions can be used in relation to the disability of the child.

Plug and Wear, sub contractor of the IROMEC project, developed:

- the side side panels of the robot incorporating light emitting fabric attached to their plastic frame.

- a pressure sensitive cover made of a woollen, furry, transparent fabric that offers new ways of interacting with the robot with tactile perceptions.

- an interactive fur with moving hair, introduced to add more interaction to some of the games IROMEC is able to perform.

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